Rediscovering Ancient Knowledge through our Natural Landscape


Rediscovering Ancient Knowledge through our Natural Landscape


WILD-TASTE -STALL (Tap image to enlarge)


Wild -Taste- Stall is the Window of Wild-Taste. Not just a place to purchase produce items , it's an exhibition stall  that shows various aspects of Wild -Taste and what it represents.

A place where you can find out about Wild Tastes and what is available at that time of the year. Here you can find out what events we have coming up and you can leave your contact details so we can get in touch when we have our event listings.

On the Stall you also have the chance to handle other Foraged items that normally can only be seen in glass cases in Museums such as Fossils, Thunderbolts (by-product of Lightning) Flint Tools going back thousands of years left behind by past Forager-Hunter-Gatherers, ancient Pottery , Glass, Animal and Bird Skulls. Also you may find if the foraged Food and Drinks availability is low at that time of the year as we work very close with seasons that there maybe Foraged Kitchenalia found at Markets and Fairs.


Please see Events Page for Market, Fairs, and Festivals, Dates and locations Where you are most likely to find the Wild -Taste-Stall.


Ideal for Chefs, The Curious Foody or The Serious Taste Freak, there is something for every one Vegans , Vegetarians, Raw Foodies etc.

All the produce gathered is all plant Based there is nothing Hunted apart from Truffles and they quite often get away as they are mainly growing underground.



WILD GARLIC. Fresh, Mayonaise, Oil, Maldon Salt.HORSE RADDISH. Fresh Root, Mayonaise, Oil.

FENNEL. Powdered, Dried, Maldon Salt, Mayonaise, Oil. WOOD SORREL. Fresh, Mayonaise.


GIANT PUFFBALL . Fresh,  Powder, Dried. JEWS EAR. Fresh, Dried. CHICKEN OF THE WOOD. Fresh, Dried, Powder. HEN OF THE WOOD. Fresh, Dried, Powder. ENGLISH SUMMER TRUFFLE . Fresh, Oil. Cheese. CEPS (Porcini) Fresh, Dried, Powder. FAIRY RING MUSHROOM. Fresh, Dried. BEEFSTEAK FUNGI .Fresh, Dried.

DRYADS SADDLE, Fresh, Dried. ST GEORGE'S MUSHROOM. Fresh, Dried. PARASOL MUSHROOM. Fresh, Dried, Powder. OYSTER MUSHROOM. Fresh, Dried, Powder. WHITE CLOUD MUSHROOM. Fresh, Dried.


ELDERBERRIES. Fresh, Dried, Drinks, Sauces. ELDERFLOWER. Fresh, Dried,Turkish Delight, Drinks.

BIRCH. Sap,Twig Tea. SEA BUCKTHORN. Cordial, Syrups.


Mugwort, Elderflower, Borage, Camomile, Fennel. St John's Wort.

Below you will find some images of the Wild Produce you can expect to find on the Wild-Taste Stall.

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Mitch Mclean Wild-Light